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A Car Today

Brand new cars for the 17 to 24 year old age groups

Champions for young drivers offering a range of insurance and cars for young drivers all from learning to drive, to buying and insuring your own car. Discover a wide range of brand new car and insurance deals designed for young drivers aged 17 – 24.

Brand new cars with insurance

This is a wonderful opportunity for young drivers to have the possibility of a new car and insurance from some of the leading ( and most suitable) makes in the industry.

It is not unusual for drivers of 17 years ( and over) to receive very high quotations on their first insurance but with our providers they try to offer this free for you if possible when you purchase a new car from them. So it is possible to save money on insurance and have a brand new car at the same time.

Why save up and purchase an older ( more unsafe and unreliable) vehicle that may require constant maintenance plus the added hassle of a yearly mot and also potentially paying a lot more for your insurance when this much cheaper and a far more desirable option is open to you? Insurers charge you more for older vehicles as the risks are greater!

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